Welcome to Aurora Colorado

The latest information on the theater shooting is listed below. Visit our Media Kit link for background information on the city of Aurora.

Expressions of Support

We have received thousands of expressions of support from people around the world by way of mail, email and social media. We are deeply grateful for these words of encouragement as we begin the healing process. Many of these messages can be viewed on the city of Aurora's Facebook page, including this one posted recently. We will share more of these with the community in the coming days.

Information Resources

Victim Resources and Information: 855-550-6005
The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) will be assisting the city by responding to all requests for information and resources from victims and their family members.

Aurora Mental Health Center (24 hours/day): 303-617-2300

Video Presentation by John Nicoletti, Ph.D, ABPP, a national expert in crisis intervention and trauma recovery
NOTE: The resources made available on this website are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used to replace the specialized training and professional judgment of a health care or mental health care professional. Please consult your health care provider or local treatment center before pursuing any course of treatment.

Crime Tip Information: theatershooting@auroragov.org or 720-913-STOP (7867)

Gov. John Hickenlooper will order flags lowered to half-staff for Veronica Moser-Sullivan when her funeral is scheduled. We will comply with this order at our city facilities when the time comes.

Our community has been deeply touched by the tragic events of July 20, 2012, and people all over the world have asked how they can help. There are a number of ways that individuals and organizations can continue to provide support.


Donations for victims, victims' families, or specific community groups involved in the response may be made through GivingFirst.org.

In-kind services or other types of non-monetary donations, including food, should be sent to Michael Lawson at budget1@auroragov.org. The city is maintaining a centralized record of these items so that victim advocates may connect victims directly with the resources they need.

Large and "restricted" monetary donations should be directed to Jason Batchelor at finance@auroragov.org. The city has established a separate and restricted account to hold these types of donations while it explores the structure that provides the highest benefit for the victims and families of this tragedy. The city will work with donors to keep them informed of the process.

Fundraising & Support

Cards should be directed to Aurora Municipal Center, Attn: Communications Department, 15151 E. Alameda Parkway, Aurora, CO 80012 or communications@auroragov.org

Organizations and groups planning their own fundraising efforts should email communications@auroragov.org to let the city know of their events so that we may do our best to maintain a central listing. Organizations and groups may send proceeds generated from their fundraising efforts to one of the channels listed above.

Thank you for your continued generosity.