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Reserve Aurora Reservoir Shelter

Name: Dove Valley Regional Park
Address: 7900 S. Potomac Street
***Arapahoe County Sheriff has issued a ban on all open fires within Unincorporated Arapahoe County which includes Dove Valley Park. Existing grills are covered and cannot be used. Personal propane grills are permitted only.****

52-acre park that is owned by Arapahoe County and maintained by the City of Aurora (formerly known as Arapahoe Community Park). It features 4 picnic shelters, a playground, restrooms, parking lot, sand volleyball courts, 2 ballfields and 9 soccer fields.

All of the fields are utilized the last week in February through the second week in June and the second week in August through the first weekend in November.

VOLLEYBALL COURTS are NOT included with shelter reservations. To obtain a permit for exclusive use of the courts, please contact 303-326-8714.

If your event will have 200+ attendees, you will need to provide a dumpster.

***Please be aware this park is heavily used for sports activities and can impact park use***

NameDescription & DetailsCapacity*Rental Fees
Shelter 1Shelter 1 (pictured in upper left corner) has 4 tables with seating for 32, and 2 large grills. It is near an open field close to Potomac St.5090.00
Shelter 2Shelter 2 (pictured in bottom center) has 4 tables with seating for 32, and no grill. It is near the restroom and parking area.50175.00
Shelter 3Shelter 3 (pictured in bottom right corner) has 8 tables with seating for 64 people, and 4 large grills. It is near the volleyball court and ball fiel100175.00
Shelter 4Shelter 4 (pictured in upper right corner) has 3 tables with seating for 24, and 2 large grills. It is north of the volleyball courts.5090.00
* - Capacity means the total number of attendees that a shelter & the adjacent perimeter can comfortably accommodate. You may bring your own tables, chairs & blankets to set up around the shelter.
** - Reserving a park shelter does not give you exclusive access to the park, playground, fields, volleyball courts, or other park amenities. Please respect other park patrons using these public spaces.